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Accessories | Order of the Day Leather Bag

I've always been that sort of girl to carry around the kitchen sink so to speak. That is, if I don't have it with me, in my bag, at all times, I probably have no real need for it, ever - save for the contents of my wardrobe and a nice cup of tea. But lately, I've found myself trading down to the likes of clutches and wristlets which more than halves my time getting ready on a morning and gives my back a break too. And here's the bag that changed my ways forever (or, at least for now):

This, my friends, is where it all began. I have probably never been so excited before that a bag contains not one but two card holders and no less than seven compartments and three zips. Whilst right now I may seem like the saddest person on the planet I want to address something: the "going out" bag. With it recently being Freshers at my university, this little beauty has been an absolute trooper. It has solved the "how on earth and I going to fit my wallet in?" vs. "money is flying everywhere!" dilemma and has a separate compartment for my phone, spot of makeup, mirror, change, glasses/camera, various cards and another pocket all on it's own for my ID. This bag must be some kind of third cousin to the tardis and is a must for anyone who is an organised packhorse like me!

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