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Skincare | The Face Mask Edit

In today's post, I have three miracle masks for banishing three common skincare woes: acne, dry and dull/uneven skin. Here I've created your own personalised mask review depending on your skin type. Note: if you have combination skin you can always read the acne-prone and dry skin solutions as I use all three masks as part of my routine!

Please leave your face mask recommendations in the comments below!

//   F O R   A C N E - P R O N E   S K I N   //

QUICK FIX FACIALS ANTI-BLEMISH MUD MASK (£4.99) - I thought I might as well continue my skincare theme with some more acne-busting products because, apparently someone has yet to notify my skin that I'm beyond my dreaded teenage years! Whilst I'm waiting for that to happen, thankfully Quick Fix Facials has got my back. I think these little guys are a relatively new company, at least in the UK as it's only been this year that I have seen their products gracing the shelves of supermarkets  and TKMaxx a like and now I hope they never leave!

I'd highly recommend this line to teens with skincare issues as it's incredibly affordable and it actually works too! For £4.99 you get - what I would say is a minimum of - 10 facials though I feel like I've had more usage. Their Anti-Blemish Mud Mask is said to be a great Origins dupe and I can certainly see why, it's turned into a vital part of my weekly skincare routine that, upon removal, leaves your skin looking refreshed and soothed. It's not one of those face masks you have to use well before an event just to see the effects, you can use it and then just go about your day without it reddening or drying your skin. I cannot recommend this line enough!

//   F O R   D R Y   S K I N   //

QUICK FIX FACIALS MEGA MOISTURE GEL MASK (£4.99) - If you've read my glowing review above, you'll know just how much I love the Quick Fix Facials line as they do exactly that for a fraction of the price of some skincare lines. Their Moisture Gel Mask is no different. I love how the gel formula is different from the classic green-mud-mask above. It's like they've really sat down and thought about tailoring their products to suit their use rather than just creating a typical all-in-one.

Once applied you can literally feel your skin sucking up the moisture and your skin is left noticeably softer. It's such a nourishing experience I'd recommend even once in a while, even if you have with oily skin.

//   F O R  D U L L   /   U N E V E N   S K I N   //

BALANCE ME RADIANCE FACE MASK (£18.00)* - This mask is what can only be described as a skin texture perfector that's targeted at twentysomethings and above who can afford to be a little more extravagant with their skincare and don't have to worry so much about the blemish-prone skin of their teenage-hood.

Once I have banished my acne and drenched my thirsty skin, I like to use this as a little treat in conjunction with the rest of my routine when my skin is feeling a little dull or I notice that the texture changed. The product tagline reads "polishes, hydrates and smoothes" and whilst I have little need for hydration thanks to Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Gel Mask, it certainly helps smooth and exfoliate my skin and my makeup always applies a little better the next day!

Which mask do you think you'll try?

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