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Shopping | #MyUNiDAYSHaul at the #MHStudentShop

As some of you may already know, I spent my Thursday night abusing my last year of student discount at the Meadowhall Student Lock In as part of the #MyUNiDAYSHaul campaign. It was manic to say the least; with 18,000 students expected to rush through it's doors that very night I prepared for battle with one of my favourite monochrome ensembles and some comfy shoes.

After arriving I was pinballed between the management suite and various other locations sorting out the itinerary. I'll admit to a small diva moment when I - and my plus one, flatmate and generally lovely friend Hannah - got to skip the rapidly growing queues at the doors in order to get stamped for entry so we could jet off for filming. Though I don't imagine I'll be able to fully commit to the diva lifestyle after feeling just a little bit terrible as we side stepped the not-so-smiling line up and headed off to find the lovely UNiDAYS team who were incredibly nice and welcoming! Also a HUGE shout out to the filming team, photographer and Paperchase for letting me borrow some of their goodies to film with!

At one point I think I had about four or five different cameras on me including the videographer, photographer, camera phones and my own (for vlog purpose, naturally!). What was even weirder was the fact that is didn't feel weird, I was just that girl talking to her camera in her room - that happened to just be a little larger and have a few more smiling faces in it - and I wasn't really focussing on the hustle and bustle of people all around. Maybe there's hope for a future in presenting yet!

Then the clock chimed six and it was up to the small matter of navigating the whooping store to Urban Outfitters, Boots, New Look, Primark, Debenhams, H&M, River Island and Topshop. Ah Topshop, after desperately wanting to swatch their newly released foundation and concealer range we headed there to find the biggest queue I have ever seen in my entire life - I think it' safe to say never again will I grumble at the sight of the Saturday morning rush - though I did manage to snag myself one of their Topshop magazines with the oh-so-flawless Cara on the cover to act as some much needed A/W fashion inspo!

Naturally, we had to stop off at Primark and left with a jumbo sized bag. Even though there weren't any special discounts - c'mon though, how much cheaper can this place get?! - Primark acted as a surprising safe haven to sooth our frazzled brains and a great place to start picking up some outfit ideas. At the moment I'm going through such a monochrome phase - can you tell? - which made finding clothes that took my fancy more than a little challenging. Thankfully Primark had my back with a luscious houndstooth woven scarf, long black duster coat and Game of Thrones t-shirt to quell the fangirl inside.

For quirky coffee table reads and homeware items I really don't think you can beat Urban Outfitters, and boy did they deliver tonight with a nice little 20% discount courtesy of UNiDAYS. I picked up a copy of Lonely Planet's Best Ever Photography Tips which I started reading on the way home and ended up thoroughly hooked on the captivating images printed within, before my train even pulled into the station. It also has some great tips too that are applicable whether you shoot on anything from a mobile phone to a DSLR.

From the same display, another little book caught my eye: Good Housekeeping's Let's Do Brunch which is part of a much larger bite-size cookbook range that I can't wait to buy more of, it's already inspired my food shop and I just can't wait to try my hand at one of my all time favourite treats: Cinammon Whirls or Cheesy Spinach Muffins - yum!

Last but by no means least I stumbled across the EOS Lipbalms which I have wanted for oh. so. long. and managed to snag myself a Raspberry flavoured one. It was only when I headed to the till to pay I spied the glorious mint blue packaging and knew I just had to have the Mint. Two days later and I've barely put the thing down. I can really understand the cult following behind these little beauties!

What is a trip to Meadowhall or Debenhams without a trip to MAC? Which was heaving so thanks to the lifesaver counter girl who snatched up our products and was sporting some killer eye makeup to boot (don't worry, I got the scoop and will be attempting to recreate the look shortly!). When it comes to high end makeup I prefer to buy what I like to call 'the essentials' - possibly to mask that post-haul guilt. On my shopping list today was their MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 as mine at home had just started to sputter and spurt it's last. Hands down this product deserves a holy grail status and I can't see me ever not repurchasing it!

I also wanted to try their MAC Painterly Paint Pot as beauty bloggers, vloggers and gurus have seemed to rave about it since the dawn of Youtube. I use it as a primer by swiping a little across my lid prior to applying shadow or by itself for a natural look as it corrects and smooths areas of veins or dark patches leaving you with an 'I woke up like this' finish.

The last stop on our tour was New Look and by this time our feet were aching and we were dragging ourselves from store to store hoping that somewhere the train home would be calling but glad that we had time for the one last stop. I picked up the most darling monochrome playsuit and sweet little jewellery tray which you can check out in my haul video below!

Thanks for an inspirational night UNiDAYS and Meadowhall - I imagine I'll be seeing you all again soon once the student loan comes in! And don't forget to enter their #MyUNiDAYSHaul Competition to be in with a chance of winning £250 by snapping a picture of your latest your haul.

Did you attend the #MHStudentShop? Let me know in the comments below!

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