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Instamonth | August

The month kicked off with shopping, a yummy Food Festival, spending time in the North with my friends and getting 3 inches sawn off my hair - goodbye ombre!

Insert the 1,486th bottle of red hair dye. I also kicked off my new job by making a polaroid collage for my newly decorated wall and bought a couple of quotable plaques. I literally cannot wait to decorate my very own house someday!

A week of chilling in the summer sun and testing out the new products I picked up in Hull.

One of my videos reached an astonishing 10,000 views this month, which is mind-blowingly awesome. I also fell back in love with coffee and beanies and furthered my adoration of festival fashion.

Dog sitting. Cat sitting. New mug #113 and new videos. The last hurrah for the summer smoothies.

I finished the month getting creative with new Youtube sidebar art and also in the kitchen making homemade crisps.

What did you do this August?

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