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Home | DIY Vintage Inspired Jewellery Hanger

As you can tell, I'm pretty much a magpie when it comes to all that glitters but storing necklaces galore becomes a little problematic, especially if you have zero DIY experience and are living in cramped halls. My best bit of advice is to utilise the dead space by creating a beautiful jewellery door hanger that's not only decorative but functional too. The best bit is anyone can do it!

//   M A T E R I A LS   //
Nails/Over-the-Door Hook
An Old Piece of Scrap Wood
Paint/Varnish (Optional)
Some Ribbos

//   M E T H O D   //
Mark the wood at even intervals and cut off the excess. Better yet mark holes according to the length or buy some pre-cut wood from your local DIY store.
Drill holes where you want each hanger to be (ask for help from a responsible adult!)
Secure into place using the screw thread.

At this point you'll notice the hanger hangs rather 'droopy' on account of the weight of the knobs and it took me so long to figure out the solution, which is why this DIY has been such a long time coming! The answer, I hear you cry? Polystyrene, oh yes. This little miracle allows the hanger to sit flush against the wall whilst keeping the screw thread in tact so that you can reuse the knobs. Genius! But there's one more thing...

Depending on how you're fastening it to the wall - whether you're lucky enough to have a handy parent with a few spare nails - if not, not to fret, all you need is an over-the-door hanger that you can buy for a few pounds at a local homeware shop (usually used for storing dressing gowns!) and some ribbon. If you loop it around both ends as well as the centre to for an 'M' shape (see above) it supports the wood perfectly and requires exactly zero DIY knowledge.

And there you have it, your very own DIY Vintage Inspired Jewellery Hanger!

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