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Blogging | Confessions

More often than not I write and edit in my pyjamas, I sometimes even take FOTDs in them too. In fact, the only time I look somewhat presentable in the bloggerverse is when I film.

If I could wake up every morning with perfectly styled red locks I would as I detest doing my hair, it's complicated and unruly and never goes right (I can't even French braid!) so mostly, I just embrace my natural waves.

My mantlepiece is constantly a messy makeup jungle with all the new products I am trying out and some old favourites too, this is why I never use the right side of my bedroom for photos or filming.

There is nothing I hate to blog about more than skincare because more often than not it breaks me out, or it might just be me breaking me out and then I have the joy of waiting for my skin to clear up all over again just to apply the product again and see whether I break out of not. My face sometimes feels like a human petri dish!

I probably take 3-5 photos of the same scene before changing the angle, because I am just that much of a perfectionist. My poor laptop is crying under the weight of all those photos.

I used to love my makeup when I was about seven and remember constantly raiding my Mum's hat box where she kept it all. I then persisted to hate the stuff for the next eight or so years a long with shopping, wearing dresses, skirts, frills, pink and just generally being a girl. If only my fifteen year old self could see me now!

What are your beauty blogger confessions?

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