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Beauty | Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments

Makeup Revolution has taken the beauty world by storm this year; going from a small start up to having counters opening up in stores up and down the country. If you're looking for a blogger success story there's one right there.

Needless to say their Pure Pigments are pure perfection - see what I did there? At only a pound they're packed with pigment and have a surprising amount of staying power in a huge range of shimmering shades. Though personally I tend to opt for pressed pigments as they're a lot less messy; I've gotten a lot of use out of Supreme to brighten the inner corner of my eye, Dynamic as an all over lid colour and Confront for a more romantic-style crease. Though I have shyed a little from the shade Grandeur - favouring the lighter shades for the summer - I'm sure it'll get it's use in the A/W for a much smokier eye.

If you're looking for impact and shimmer with not a lot off fall out then these are for you. Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution line? What's your favourite product?

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