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Tag | I'm Going to Glastonbury?!

I was tagged by the amazing Mary from Let's Strike A Pose my lovely friend Becca over at Polkadot Notebook to do this quiz and if you're curious, I tag you all to do it here too - but especially the flawless Georgina from She Might Be Loved & the hilarious Hayley from Tea Party Beauty. And here's the result, my dream holiday destination is *drumroll please*:

M Y   D R E A M   H O L I D A Y   D E S T I N A T I O N

The atmosphere at Glastonbury would be ah-mazing! But I just don't think I would fare too well with the mud and complete and total lack of working toilets! So, maybe just a day pass then? I don't know, I feel like a festival would be the perfect vacation spot for me, the atmosphere is electric and the style eccentric and save for the fact that I know of maybe two or three major bands I could see myself really enjoying it if someone could just hand me some noise cancelling headphones, a fluffy blanket, a shower and maybe a hot cuppa tea...? (Sorry not sorry and please leave your music recommendations below!)

M Y   S U M M E R   S T Y L E

But hand's down, I think there's no question that it got my summer style down to a tee (she says sat in her new aztec print playsuit with wavy messy hair and floral crown...) you can see my Festival Style at New Look OOTD here!

What did you get in the quiz?

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