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Returning home from Hull called for me to crack into the warm and fluffy blankets cupboard - oh yes, such things do exist - and pull out my latest caramel coloured addition. I really can't see myself leaving my bed this winter...

I seem to have an on and off relationship with early morning, for the past week or so I haven't really made it past eleven without my eyes snapping shut and my Game of Thrones audiobook beckoning me to bed. But last night, well last night... [see Depop]

Fruit tea! Need I explain to the veteran readers among you? I have been obsessed with fruit tea for months and months now and when I stopped off back home for the Yum Food Festival I made sure to pack myself a hamper from my tea chest to enjoy.

Mario Kart was the first video game I ever remember playing and where my love affair began, it's a shame that with fourteen years away from one another even a heap of Team Fortress 2 and Halo haven't improved my skills!

Ah Depop, after resiting you for so long I just had to have you. Last night's little 1am Deopop sesh left me with a few more makeup and fashion buys than a care to mention - until next week's haul, of course!

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