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Lifestyle | Pact Coffee + Discount Codes!

You know there are just some things you have that, after you have them you could never imagine life without? Well, that's Pact Coffee in San Antonio (aka Chocolate Digestive)... I was never much of a coffee drinker until I ventured to university and then it became all but necessary for me to have my morning cup - you really can't help it when there's a Costa opposite the door to your lecture theatre can you?

For my new love, I have to thank my Reddit-crawling boyfriend for when they posted a discount code (see end of post) on Reddit a couple of months ago to get your first bag for just £1, he knew I'd love it. And, I resisted right up until the point the pack was delivered through his door and I woke up to a steaming mug of coffee and chocolatey goodness. Heaven! Needless to say within the hour I had ordered my own.

Pact Coffee works as a subscription service so you can get the flavour and ground of coffee you like (or a surprise!) delivered to your door as often as every week. You can take a fun coffee picker quiz and can even pause your account if you have too much. At £6.95 a bag it can be a little pricey on a student's budget, but it's an amazing treat to wake up to and I personally can't wait to finish off my San Antonio so I can try the El Carmen (aka Jammie Wagon Wheel) flavour!

Here are a couple of codes which should get you your first bag for £1, but I warn you, after that you may be hooked!


What's your favourite type of coffee?

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