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Beauty | Products that Broke Me Out

This is probably the most heartbroken I have been over a product breaking me out. Bare Minerals Stroke of Light eye Brightener is fantastic; it wakes up your eyes by not only brightening under-eye circles and concealing bags, it actually makes you feel more awake too! The only problem is it dries out the area under my eyes making application rather difficult as well as blocking the surrounding pores and popping up some rather angry looking spots - ew!

Back in secondary school, this was my favourite foundation it was pocket friendly yet provided high coverage and was oil free. In fact, I think it's a great foundation for teenage skin. So why, oh why when I repurchased it earlier on in the year does it break me out so? 

I'd heard a lot of good things about Clean & Clear, though I must admit it's never a brand I have reached for often, so when I saw their range on offer I quickly snapped up their Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin thinking it would work like Micellar Water (as you can see from the bottle it's not really a lotion at all!). I applied a dab to my cotton pad and began to take of my makeu- OW!

This product was so painful to use, I even had to check back at the packet to check I hasn't picked up my nail varnish remover by mistake as the smell is rather chemically and overpowering. To make matters worse a couple of days later my skin broke out all over in a series of small cystic acne spots which made even the best of makeup applications look uneven and patchy thanks to my extremely dry and flaky skin! This is something I definitely won't be repurchasing.

In the interest of being fair to the products/companies mentioned in this post, it is entirely possible that the product I picked was from a bad batch; or my skin may reacted strangely to it. I am not saying you shouldn't go out and try these products as they may work better for your skin type, they just didn't work too well on me!

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