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Beauty | Elf Studio Blush

There aren't many beauty lovers out there who haven't heard of the Elf Studio line, it has some gorgeous beauty bargains for but a fraction of the price. My most recent purchase during one of their half-off sales included these two beauties talked about in my Elf Cosmetics Haul, the Elf Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink [left] and Candid Coral [right].

The packaging is blatantly inspired Nars, it's matte black and even comes with it's own mirror - it's surprisingly fetching for a beauty product costing just £3.95 and you do get a fair amount of product for your money.

Twinkle Pink is said to be a rather good dupe for Nars Orgasm in colour but it's minute gold flecks fit more with the texture of Nars' Super Orgasm. It's a really pretty romantic blush for the summer that has an illuminating effect - meaning you can skip the highlighter - so is not one for those who prefer a more matte finish. It my opinion, it reminds me a lot of a toned down Sleek Rose Gold Blush, which makes it a lot more blendable and wearable for those of us with pale skin.

Can I sum up my love for this blush in just a paragraph? Compared to Twinkle Pink, Candid Coral looks rather unflattering and dark sat in the pan. It lacks to golden flecks and instead opts for more subtle golden dust that leaves a subtle sheen but I much prefer it for a more mature finish and since purchasing a couple of months ago it has become my new go-to blush and I have featured it in a lot of FOTDs.

I cannot recommend these blushes enough and for the price you can't really can't complain, I can't wait to expand my collection and already have my eye on the - constantly sold out - Peachy Keen, Pink Passion and Mellow Mauve.

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