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Beauty | Bright Orange Lipstick by Art Deco

Art Deco are a relatively unknown brand in the beauty world, that's to say you don't often see reviews popping up on your Bloglovin' feed about them and I think this is really sad as they have had some amazing collections such as the Glam Vintage Collection inspired by The Great Gatsby that launched at Christmas 2013 that I blogged about here.

The packaging is fantastic even - dare I say it? - better than MAC's in my opinion, it's a sleek robust metal that's a pain to photograph but a pleasure to hold as it gives the whole thing a high-end feel and or £15 (to rival a coveted MAC lipstick) I'd expect nothing less.

The colour is brilliant, bright and eye-catching and fits well with the summer 2014 trend. However the application leaves something to be desired as I have found it can get lodged in the creases of your lips and highlight dry skin and can remain a little sheer in places. So I recommend applying a balm underneath and to follow up with either blotting paper and translucent powder or a colour sealant such as Lipcoat. If you can get an even coat's relatively long-lasting with a drying matte finish but other than that has very few eye-catching features, it even smells very generic and is far from the vanilla heaven of brands such as Lime Crime.

THE VERDICT: Would I repurchase? Probably not. Although I've been in love with this shade ever since I was seventeen and tried my very first orange lipstick by Collection, it just doesn't live up to the likes of other high end brands of the same price tag. When this runs out it looks like I'll be heading to the nearest MAC counter and hitting up Morange...

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