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Lifestyle | My Body Hang-Ups

The recent #lbloggers chat gave me some food for thought for a bit of a different style post. I'm not as thin as a rake nor would I be classed as heavy, overall I'd say I'm fairly, well, average. So it's no wonder that when the topic of body hang-ups crops up in conversation I mostly get told to shut up, because I'm fine the way I am. In this post I'm going to share with you my top three body hang ups and tell you just how I deal with having them.

You need a magnifying glass to see my boobs
This may be a slight over exaggeration and it's something I laugh about a lot with my housemates who are a lot more well endowed when it comes to that department. My view on the matter is that 1) I can run up and down the stairs as fast as I can without feeling more than a twinge - unlike them! 2) Bras don't cost a bomb as most high street stores stock my size 3) If they're good enough to feed my - possible - future offspring - then I'm good with that. That's what they're for.

I'm not even a teenager anymore so why do I have acne?!
Since I was fourteen I have been on some form of medication to regulate my periods. It was a sucky and horrible time for me and took me years to find the right hormone balance, I had to miss school, avoid anaemia, sit through what I can only describe as cramps that rivalled a bowling ball to the stomach and head-splitting migraines which could have caused me to have a stroke. Teenagehood is bad enough without finding out that if you body gets too girly, you oestrogen levels might actually kill you. Upside: After years of testing and stopping and generally leaving me wondering what the next month will bring, I have not had a period in over two years, I don't have any medical worries and I don't have to miss out on my life. Downside: Every month I get a little acne present as a constant reminder. Also, I can't help anyone out in their time of the month with a spare tampon (sorry girls!). So this is why, when the occasional spot pops through in a post - I really don't mind. It's a compromise I made that I'm happy with.

I can eat and eat and eat and yet still feel my hip bones whilst I'm asleep (ouchies!)
I have one of those blessed high metabolisms (feeling envious? I'm told my luck runs in a few years!) anywho, I could pretty much eat the contents of my fridge and only end up with a slight fluctuation in weight. This is great on the one hand because, hello junk food. But thing that's most noticeable to me is that I can feel my hip bone against the mattress when I fall asleep and it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings!

If you're feeling brave let me know your body hang-ups in the comments below!

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