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Beauty | Seventeen Instant Glow Pink Bronze Shimmer Brick

After seeing many shimmer bricks on the market and convincing myself I did not need another highlighter/bronzer no matter how pretty it looked - I caved at Seventeen's Instant Glow Pink Bronze Shimmer Brick courtesy of a little coercing from one of my best friends and a buy one get one half price offer over at Boots. What's a girl to do?

This is the lighter of their newly released shimmery bricks and though less pretty in the pan is more suited to pale faces. The direction recommend a brush to sweep all four shades before applying, but 1) no one I know has a wide, thin brush to hand and 2) you get a much more subtle and even application if if you sweep the two lighter highlighting colours onto your cheek bones, followed by the two darker bronzing shades as a contour to add a bronzed and summery glow.

Normally I'd steer clear of the shimmery contour and opt for more matte shades to help hide my oily skin and leave a more natural finish; but in this heatwave I've found myself reaching for Seventeen Instant Glow Pink Bronze Shimmer Brick again and again. It's a fantastic little multi-use product that gives you the perfect sun kissed glow.

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