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Beauty | Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

With Urban Decay's largely shimmer-based Naked range, I must confess, until very recently I never looked twice at their Naked Basics Palette 1) Because until recently I was a die-hard shimmer fan and 2) Because Cohorted made me. Sporting a shimmery highlight shade (Venus) the rest of the palette is completely matte with the central four shades (Foxy, W.O.S, Naked 2 & Faint) that together make for the perfect everyday neutral eye. Whilst the carbon black Crave lends itself to a smoky cat eye or smudgy liner.

The shades are different enough from their main Naked range to justify purchasing (although it does look like Naked and Faint from the Naked Basics Palette had a love child - the shade Naked from the original palette) and this pocket-sized palette is less than half the size of its older brothers and sisters but keeps the shadow size the same and packs in a good size mirror for touch ups on the go.

On one hand I'm stupidly excited about my latest purchase because all-matte palettes are hard to come by (if you're looking try MUA!) and they're something that I have fallen head over heels for over the past few weeks. On the other - where the hell's my good dose of summer makeup? It seems like it's even toned down during festival season with neutral matte eyes paired with some bright liner or accent colour.

What do you think of matte eyeshadows - love 'em or hate 'em? Or are you a recent convert like me?

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