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Life | Life Lessons from my Second Year at University

Realising you're independent. So what if you've already been living practically independently for a year? All of a sudden you have a house (albeit a falling apart, holes in the wall, leaks in the bathroom, ant infested house) and you realise that there is no one else to deal with it but you. It's a sink or swim situation.

Do more of what makes you happy. Your first year is all about going to new places, finding new things and meeting new people but in your second year everything's a bit less new, a bit less shiny and it really gives you some time to consider what you want to get out of your university experience.

For me, that meant don't waste your time. Whilst going out and making memories might be all well and good - it leave you with a lot of free, wasted time. Start a blog, make videos, get a job, volunteer, take up a sport. Do something, because after this it's all 9-5.

Writing four essays at once whilst attending lectures and a part time job was hell. And there was no way around it with less than 6 weeks to complete the lot. No amount of planning will help when the essay titles are released halfway through the semester.

Do not be a pushover. Whether it's the landlord, a friend or the department. Kick up a fuss, it's your life they're messing with.

What's your favorite thing you've learnt this year?

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