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Festival Fashion | DIY Fresh Floral Crown

Okay, so now you've scrolled through a ludicrous amount photographs, here's my ridiculously simple way to make a floral crown and the best bit is it's going to cost you exactly nothing because it's entirely free and fresh. If you like, can either use fresh flowers or artificial ones depending how long you want the crown to keep or your budget. Mine were just some little weeds that have taken to popping up in the lawn, so I decided that I've save them from the lawn mower and use them to make a DIY.

You can always save the photo below to act as a helpful guide!

STEP 1 - THE BASE: The base is really easy to make, all you need for an authentic look are some branches from a willow or other 'bendy' tree. If you don't have those to hand you can always use wire. De-leave the branches and break off any flimsy or brittle sections.

Then use your head as a guide for the size. I made a mini-floral crown for my messy bun but you can make a full-sized one if you like. After you have a rough circle shape, begin to wrap the excess from both ends to wind around the circle (it's a lot easier than I'm making it sound - I promise!). This base can be used for both real and artificial crowns as when it dries and holds the shape.

STEP 2 - THE FLOWERS: As I said, the flowers can be real or artificial. All you need is a little stem which you can either just tuck into the crown like I have, or tie or glue gun for a more secure hold. Don't be scared to get creative and mix it up using different flower combinations.

It's as easy as that! Let me know if you make one of these by tagging @charleylucy in your instagram photos and tweets. Happy festivaling!

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