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Beauty | Budget MAC Dupes

Top: MAC | Bottom: Drugstore Dupes

A few weeks ago I noticed that I seem to be drawn to the same red and purple hued shades over and over again which is not great for my bank balance but makes for great post material and even better MAC dupes!

MAC Russian Red vs. Sleek Russian Roulette
I really, really should have clicked at the name but that's how I ended up with two equally matte, equally rich red shades in my collection (oh no?). Sleek's Russian Roulette is a dead ringer for MAC's coveted Russian Red - and there is very little difference. Both are slightly drying, as matte finishes always are but they wear great - maybe with MAC lasting a tiny bit longer - but with ten pounds difference Sleek certainly has MAC pipped.

MAC Rebel vs. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Dark Night Water - Oops!
MAC Rebel is another popular choice, it's satin finish and purple hued. Much like Rimmel's Dark Night Water - Oops! from their Moisture Renew Collection that launched late last year. Both lipstick are beautifully moisturising with a subtle sheen and whilst it may not be the season for such a dark hue, I have found myself loving the recent purple trend.

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