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Beauty | Battle of the Budget Kabuki Brushes

In the past year or so my soft and fluffy makeup brush obsession has spilled over the confinement of my room and into my handbag, that's right. For the past year or so I have been looking for the smallest kabuki brush that I can just throw into my makeup bag and not have to worry about clunky handles taking up space.

First up is this Nanshy Kabuki Brush in Pink* (£7.95), I've had this for almost a year now and have to say, if you're going to take one thing away from this post is that this brush, in face all the Nanshy brushes I have tried are absolute gold. Not only is its vibrant duo-tone pretty, it's silky soft and smooth on the skin.

In second place is the shockingly new addition: the P.S Love Kabuki Brush (~£2.50). For the price you really can't beat its bristles, though as a recent purchase I have yet to test its longevity, you really can't get much better for just a few pounds.

This Barbara Daly Kabuki Brush with Case (~£7) was a bit of an impulse by. It was late and I was doing my food shop and I just happened to stumble down the beauty isle (as you do) and decided that I needed a touch-up brush for my End of Year Ball for when - at 2 am - the powder has inevitably run, screaming from my mascara-smeared face. *In hindsight, this in face did not happen*. The case is a real plus and makes it a whole less messy and portable. However I find the bristles harsh and synthetic.

I hear what you're saying, this Rouge Brush by H&M (£1.99) is far too small to be a kabuki brush (and, you'd be right), but before H&M expanded their makeup line this was the best they had to offer - check out their new fangled, and rather fetching, kabuki brush here. For the price I didn't expect much but in the middle of the August heat last year, was once again found without any form of portable brush. This is something I think I bought, slipped out of it's packet, felt and has sat in my drawer ever since. It's harsh and synthetic but for less than two pounds you really shouldn't expect a lot - I just think that if for ~£2.50 Primark can pull it out of the bag, where as a ~£7 brush by Barbara Daly can't? It's kind of crazy.

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