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Review | Shoeps

Last week instead of spending some quality time packing my suitcase, I went to the beach for the afternoon - yes in April, yes it was freezing how nice of you to ask - and managed to bust one of my shoe laces in the process. So did the intelligent thing and stored them at the very back of my closet until I came home to a package from an ingenious little company called Shoeps.

It's like this, remember when you were a kid and all the other - cool - kids had those snazzy velcro trainers and whilst they'd already zotted outside to play you were still sat there doing up your laces? Well Shoeps* completely eliminated that giving you the look of laces and the easy of a slip on-shoe.

You guys will know my feet are super-narrow and half-size making it extremely difficult for me to be able to just walk into a store and pick up the glitziest pair of 6 inch heels (ehm, no). So naturally I had my suspicions about how my foot would stay inside my shoe with just a couple of bits of elastic holding it in. And more importantly - how would it look?! After having a quick glance of the Shoeps* website I wasn't all too impressed with their bright and neon colour choices - maybe for the gym - but for everyday footwear I needed something classic, something neutral so opted for a competently original black set.

After having a quick peruse of the instructions (a set of IKEA-style photos on the packaging) I found the Shoeps* really easy to attach and completed both my boots in a matter of minutes with a couple of spares left over.

It was then off to the pub with some long lost friends, followed by a few games of pool and some pizza at my friends log cabin to test them out. Even in my ankle-high lace ups the shoes were easy to slip on and off in matter of seconds and felt secure enough that my foot was held in place and didn't slop around. Even after several hours wear my feet were comfy and happy after a coupe of mile walks. I was really impressed!

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