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Life | The Inevitable Apology

It's officially May and you know what that means - 1) I have successfully completed the April A-Z Challenge! and 2) a month of exams and coursework deadlines and apparently 1001 blogger invites I have had the pleasure of declining due to the aforementioned.

Therefore I am writing the inevitable blog post telling you all that I'm probably not going to be as active on here as I normally am but I've scheduled a few posts and am hoping to write something twice/three times a week and appear in a few chats even if it only serves to keep me sane and keep the tumbleweeds from rolling across the homepage.

But after that I'm afraid you'll have the pleasure of 4 months of non-stop blogging and Yotubing and general fun things to makeup for it! So I hope you can stick around 'til then.

Wish me luck!

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