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Life | Blog Design, Exams & Anxiety

Here's a quick chance to show off my latest (and finest) procrastination: my new header and blog button! What do you guys think? I'm hoping to re-open my blog header design over the summer so make sure to follow me to keep up to date with the giveaways. But because of uni commitments and exams I do have quite the backlog at the moment I'm afraid!

Good news, I just survived my second exam on less than 2 hours sleep, feeling sick to my stomach, shaking and half-starved. Welcome to the way I sit my exams. I'm not quite sure when this whole problem started; one can assume it's the result of a grammar school education and the pressures to strive to achieve, not just for yourself but for your school.

I don't remember ever not being nervous before an exam but this is something different, an all consuming kind of gripping fear that makes your stomach feel like it's about to rip itself free. It's horrible. Irrational. And not at all normal. For the past four years, pretty much every single time I've gone to sit down for an exam I've had this feeling and on more than one occasion made myself physically sick just thinking about it.

So why do I feel this way? No. Freaking. Idea. I'm a good 2:1 student, I attend the lectures, understand the material, revise well and can pretty much recite the syllabus off by heart by the time the exam comes around. It's just those last few hours of waiting that really do it for me. I actually quite like organising, revising and showing off what I know. In some deeply geeky way it's all really very fun. It's just those last few hours of running too and from the bathroom and cuddling a hot water bottle in a blanket that really do it for me.

Hope your exams are going well!

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