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Ruby Ruth Dolls are probably the most unique, home made dolls out there. They're great for quirky kids and grown ups alike meaning that they're not only acceptable to give to your younger family members, but also to have gracing your shelf at the ripe old age of twenty. Who ever said you'd have to outgrow childhood toys? Especially one as quirky as this!

My favourite part about these dolls (bedsides their exterior!) is that Ruby Ruth prides themselves on home made dolls originating from reclaimed materials from charity shops and second hand stores which is right up my alley. I received one of their Peggy dolls* in the the mail last week with a cute little tag saying that her name was Phyllis and Phyllis believed in true love.

"Peggy was a real looker in her day. She is never seen without her floral headscarf and full make-up. She is 30 cm tall and 12 cm across."

As you can see proportionally she is worse than Barbie; sporting a huge head and teeny tiny legs. I adore her floral headscarf that appears to be made out of someone's old shirt and her velvety body is getting really addictive to sit and stroke, this coming from a perpetual velvet hater. I think she'll look great sitting on my bookcase or my windowsill back home, and I can't wait to see what my cat makes of her (my bet is he will not be best pleased!). Thanks to her delicate arms and legs I might be able to make her store a few of my everyday rings too.

As a kid I was far too into monsters and goblins to sit and play with Barbie dolls and Ruby Ruth Dolls fit the bill perfectly without being too... well, terrifying for the other children like my Boglins were (let me know if you remember these!). My nine year old self would have loved her - being anything but the pink and/or girly norm. Heck, my twenty year old self cannot wait to play dress up when I have a spare minute and make her a dress and take the Ruby Ruth motto to heart by raiding the local charity shops for a floaty-floral print and some old gloves to turn into the cutest knee high socks.

Which one's your favourite Ruby Ruth Doll?

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