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Beauty | The Ultrabond Challenge

Over the weekend you may have seen me sporting my Nouvea Lashes* over on instagram as part of the Ultrabond Lash Glue* Challenge. The idea was that you'd apply your lashes on the Friday night, go out have a bit of a party and then go about your Saturday and Sunday as normal. I apologise for the quality of these photos as it was an instagram challenge they were all taken on my phone!

The glue* was really easy to apply thanks to it's little nozzle, and the lashes* themselves were gorgeous with a really natural finish - as I have quite long lashes anyway I skipped the mascara on top and applied a little on my bottom lashes just to finish it off. I was really impressed how much they made my eyes pop! Friday night consisted of a friend's birthday party and a very rough night of barely any sleep because I was so excited for the Hull Fashion Week Finale on the Saturday. You can see the results after the house party here:

The lash glue had to hold up a very steamy and lengthy shower and by the time I sat down to apply my makeup for the day at 8am my lashes had peeled off in the outer corners and had adhered to quite a bit of my makeup from the night before! As I knew I was going to be on camera at the Hull Fashion Week Finale, I tried to do a cheeky touch-up and stick the ends back on - which failed miserably as they refused to stay put!

I resorted myself to failing the Ultrabond Challenge and tried to soak the lashes and now shimmery brown remnants of glue in Micellar Water so that I could apply them for the day but no matter what I tried the glue wouldn't budge, a first when it comes to Micellar Water! I actually still had some on my lashes on Sunday.

All in all I this both products were great - the Nouveau* looked beautiful and the Ultrabond Lash Glue* stayed put all night. I definitely want to try both of them again! I just wouldn't advise showering or wearing them with eyeshadow, liner or mascara if you're wearing them for more than a day as everything does have a tendency to get a little messy!

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