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Beauty | Seventeen Skin Wow Primer

As a Primer...
I really can't say much for this primer's longevity as it is just far to shiny to use as a primer on my oily skin. I applied it first across my cheeks and immediately realised that we wouldn't be getting along! This is definitely something for those of you with more dry or combination skin. As for making my makeup last longer, I wouldn't say it made much of a difference and it did nothing to refine the appearance of my skin.

Mixed in with my Foundation...
Used sparingly with my foundation it provides a subtle luminescant glow that's perfect to wear out in the evenings or in the summer sun. But this is one of those 'marmite' products that (if applied liberally) will work well for dry and dull skin, less so for us oily and shiny gals as this just draws attention and brings out our inner shine in a not-so-pleasant way!

BUT before you leave this blog post thinking that it's all doom and gloom...

As a Highlighter...
As a highlighter I adore it! The consistency is a lot more watery than the likes of Benefit's High Beam and it gives a light iridescent sheen to my cheekbones without a chunk of glitter in sight.

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