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Beauty | Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation

Can you believe that this teeny, tiny bottle fits a whole 10 days worth of foundation in? I couldn't either until I put it to the test after getting colour matched at my local counter.

I'm notoriously skeptical when it comes to high-end products - I mean is it really worth it? I hate to admit it but I'm ready and willing to part with my cash for this little beauty saviour. First up, coverage. I'd say this gives medium coverage as it generally covers any areas of redness but the occasional blemish needs a spot of concealer over the top. The formula is thick and creamy blends flawlessly into skin. The only critisism I have is that is dries so quickly that I now do my morning foundation routine in stages - left, right, up, down. It sounds like a military operation.

The first day I wore this I was astounded by just how light the finish was - I mean I adore Benefit's Big Easy BB Cream but for a foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear really does feel weightless and this has made it my #1 coveted summer essential.

Got you hooked yet? You haven't heard the price! The regular-sized bottled RRP at £28.50 and because you use so little they pack in an entire 5 months worth of foundation - that's just £5.70 per month or just £1.43 per week!

What's your opinion, splash the cash or spend summer bare?

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