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Tag | Internet Firsts

First User Name?
Do you guys remember Millsberry? It was some kind of tweenie high school/avatar game that we all used to play back in 2006. I think my first username was on that - it was something like Charli934eva. It was back in the days when I didn't even have an e-mail account so my friend ended up very nicely offering sending the verification e-mail to her Dad's account (I ended up with the blame!). The password was something like 'samisannoying' - my brother. But apparently since then they've completely shut the site down.

First Email Address?
I can't remember exactly, but it started with something like cheekymonkey052... I designed it when I was twelve okay?!

First Tweet?
"More snow please" - 6:07pm 1st December 2010. I think I was wising for a day off school.

First Facebook Status?
"is watching Friends :-)" - 26th February 2008. Six years later and thing's apparently haven't changed THAT much, except that I no longer refer to myself in third person on Facebook.

First Instagram picture?
"Goes to bed, finds this #donothavethehearttokickhimout even if he does wake me up at 5am #socute!" - 22 months ago. An extremely over-edited picture of fat cat Tikey.

First Blog?
It's probably a tie between a long long lost Myspace, DeviantART or Windows Live Account. However I do have a snipped from my newer DeviantART account - you can read through my past posts here if you like. 

"Hey guys!

I'm in a super happy mood right now...Partly down to my amazing I Heart My Camera shirt. And the fact I just got off the phone with P who hasn't been on since! And the fact that I'm meeting my friend later. And felt like I needed a bit of a dA related rant...

Soo...I've recently gone back to school with all of my wonderful people and I've been super busy doing cool stuff like Bowling and...well, school work. Which I am rather proud of because everything's up to date so I'm not going to be panicking when the exams come round...but then this leaves my no time for dA but you'll be glad to hear I'm having a night off tonight :woop: so I'm hoping to get something up that's better than the kinda lame text-based stuff of late that I thought I'd have a go at...

Oh! And I have something Katy-Perry related to be put up hopefully later in the week so watch out for that if you like her. I've got a bit of previously done work scans to if the exam board every release my work! *My Ipod's playing in my bag...I can't find it I can just hear it? >.<* I'm in a right picture takey mood actually, so I think I'm gonna venture out and see what I can find :P and spontaneously shoot.

Thanks for putting up with me watchers!

Charley x" - 5:27:52 PM 15th September 2011

First YouTube video?
I used to have a Youtube channel back in 2008 and I think the first video I posted was of my friends to the soundtrack of "Scouting for Girls - I Need a Holiday". Sadly, I don't think that exists anymore, on my new channel it's a Twisted Braid Tutorial I made wayy back in the summer for my blog (I've improved a lot since - honest!).

Now I've written about all of my cringey internet history, I tag YOU to write about yours! Leave your links in the comments below!

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