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Review | Quinoderm Antibacterial Facewash

My review of Quinoderm Antibacterial Facewash* has been a long time coming, as I was sent the sample at the end of last year and have been using it on and off ever since. So what's the verdict?

For starters I've found that this really does help with my acne. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean and fresh and I see a huge drop in the rate of blemishes I have their redness and also how long they stick around. Antibacterial - they were not kidding.

But - and it is a big but - it also leaves my typically oily skin extremely dry and flaky if used on a regular - once every day-two days - basis. Which means that I'm now having to stock intense moisturisers I only use a fraction of the time that don't seem to have much effect on my dry and flaky areas and can be seen under my makeup (TMI?). Not to mention that the packaging itself leaves something to be desired and the face wash is very liquidy, neon blue and chemical smelling - it reminds me more of something that comes out of a hospital dispenser rather than a face wash! But the problem is it really does work!

You see my dilemma? I think the next step for me is a spot of "face wash alchemy" where I'm going to add a dash of Quinoderm Antibacterial Facewash* to an existing, gentler cleanser and see if I can't get all the cleansing power and a little moisture too - because used straight out of the bottle I'm afraid this is just too harsh on my skin!


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