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Review | Make Me Blush

Recently I have become absolutely obsessed with Look Beauty - I need anything, I head straight to their counter. This could be partially due to shiny ball syndrome - we don't have a counter back home - but mainly it's down to their pretty colour selection and just how well it matches my skin tone. Plus the fact that their entire rang is currently half price in Superdrug!

This was the first in a hopefully long line of product purchases from this brand. I'd literally never even seen a counter so buying the blush was more impulse than anything. The magnetic packaging looks expensive and comes with it's own full compact mirror - a pleasant surprise and always a plus when you're out the house. But what really sealed the deal was the stunningly sexy shade (Rosy Shade 4). I swatched it in store and it was pale peach with a hint of shimmer. The pigmentation was simply too perfect for my skin - it had to only last an hour right?

But no! It gave my porcelain skin a beautiful flush, think cold day and rosy cheeked, that lasts a good few coffees and studying sessions. On a morning I find I no longer reach for the highlighter and rely on the hint of shimmer to make my cheekbones pop. It's currently my favourite product! So, naturally when my translucent powder smashed into a million pieces when I was transferring from beauty box to cupboard - I of course purchased Look Beauty's Mattify Me Translucent Powder, Holiday Glow AND a couple of their single eyeshadows and I'm very impressed!

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