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Review | Dr Brommer's Magic 18-in-1 Peppermint Soap

Lately I have been all about the no-hassle, all-in-one, multi-use products and Dr Brommer's Magic 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castille Soap is certainly that! I use this to cleanse my face and body in the shower to cleanse my face and body as well as to clean my brushes and my sink in my bedroom, but there are plenty more - you can find more about the list of 18 uses here.

I purchased the 58ml (2oz) travel size from American Apparel one day when I was running through Manchester Piccadilly, shortly after stumbling across it's big brother, the 237ml (8oz) in the beauty section of TkMaxx. And after using it pretty much every other day for two months I can safely say I'm in love with the stuff!

Firstly, its cleaning power is immense, you literally need a matter or drops to cleanse your face and a couple of squirts for your entire body -  even after two months you can see just how little I have used. In such a teeny size it's perfect for travelling (and the fact you can use it to wash pretty much anything too!). With organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, and fair deal hemp oil I'd expect no less.

And thanks to the organic peppermint oil it smells amazing! They weren't kidding when they said it could be used for aromatherapy. The zingy peppermint works wonders to wake me up on a morning and leaves a fresh, clean scent throughout the day. Not to mention the bottle is host to quotes from Hamlet, a short history (and obituary) of Dr Brommer himself and some serious life lessons.

This is definitely a beauty holy grail!

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