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Life | Z is for Zzz...

Well beauties, today has been a busy day to say the least. In fact, it’s been a busy month – full of lectures, work, essay writing, coursework – you name it! My life is particularly uninteresting at the moment. But it’s the end of my last month of teaching of the year and (finally!) the end of the infamous April A-Z Challenge. I do hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about me and reading my favourite beauty and fashion picks and if you are a new reader from that thank you and hello! And I hope you stick around.

As I’m posting I've literally just got back from Debenhams beauty event as part of Hull Fashion Week and being reunited with a bunch of my favourite blogger friends, which was rather exciting. Tomorrow, I’m going to try and film a cheeky vlog about the whole thing and show you what I bought.

As for Saturday’s Fashion Finale I’m super-excited to be situated right next door to the catwalk with my camera and laptop setup – it’s like a bloggers paradise! Not only is it acceptable to take all my tech, it’s actually encouraged. Although I’m not quite sure how I’m going to get it all home again after a quick trip to the Hull Fashion Week Bazaar – hello boutiques!

But mostly, I can’t wait for this week, month and academic year to be over and my essays to be handed in and my details for my little June project to finally be confirmed so I can start hinting and posting some juicy spoilers for you all, and have a nice relaxing summer blogging away.

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