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Life | My Cat

Today's post doesn't really have must literary content. It's mainly just an excuse to post a bazillion photos of my beautiful baby boy Tikey and an excuse to show off my photography skills.

We've had him ever since the day he was born. His Mother actually hid him down the back of a fence along with his brothers and sisters to stop him being 'gotten rid of' by his owner. She was a smart cookie that one. I remember she suddenly dropped a few pounds and padded across the patio mewing and mewing trying to get my attention. Nine year old me immediately ran inside to get my Mum, telling her that Trixie had had her kittens. To our surprise led us to a little hole where we found five beautiful little balls of fluff! We adopted the lot! They used to live in our little Wendy house outside. But now Tikey sleeps on my bed every night I'm back home.

He's like an attention-seeking toddler and I love him to bits!

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