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Life | Green Tea Obsessed

Firstly, I love tea. I have been drinking it for as long as I can remember and could easily drink seven cups a day without batting an eyelid. But the bottom line is, I don't need all that caffeine, regrettably, it's bad for you. Earlier on in the year I experimented by myself drinking caffeinated drinks after 7pm as I found that it kept me up 'til the wee hours and I was losing out of an astounding 10-14 hours of beauty sleep each week! Sadly decaffeinated tea was not the answer, the brand I bought tasted like (for lack of a better term) roasted cardboard and was not something I'd willingly drink again. So I quickly began to explore the scrumptious alternatives...

Fruit Tea
My current obsession is with fruit tea. I love it, I love it, I love it. It's a healthier alternative to my usual hundred cups of tea and is an especially great substitution for that bedtime cuppa as it's completely caffeine free. The best thing is you can get it in a number of tasty flavours, my favourites of which are Mango & Cinnamon and Cranberry & Blood Orange and, if I really can't sleep Camomile & Honey. I have filled a whole IKEA Kasett box of the stuff and am really spoilt for choice for winter warmers, I'm just glad it's great served chilled in the summer too!

Where to shop: Tea Pigs & Twinnings (Lemon & Ginger, Mango & Cinnamon)

Green Tea
This is the latest addition to my tea obsession, after trying mint tea a few years ago and coming away feeling like I'd just drank what can only be described as 'liquefied grass', I was a little dubious to try this. Even more so with my fellow flatmate Hannah's reassurances that knowing me, I would hate it. It was not sweet or sugary and had absolutely no caffeine in - what's to like? Well, green tea is packed with antioxidants which are great for your skin in particular as they protect your body from all sorts of rubbish, such as pollution, radiation and smoke. They've also been shown to have fabulous health benefits too. Whilst it's not the most pleasant drink I have ever had, it's surprisingly refreshing and after only a few cups I really felt the difference from swapping out my regular morning tea (even if I was a little more groggy for the time!).

Where to shop: Twinning's Salted Caramel Green Tea, Twinning's Gingerbread Green tea & Sainsbury's Fair Trade Green Tea (Just 99p for 20 bags!)

Chia Spiced Latte (Drink Me Chai)
Whilst not strictly a tea, I feel like this belongs in this post. I got this on a whim when I was browsing the flavoured hot chocolates, I'd never tried Chai anything before, so for the measly price of £2 I thought I'd give it a go. It smells divine! And is the perfect winter warmer drink as it reminds me of a spicy candle. The best part is you can make it with half milk and half water in the winter for an extra nourishing pick me up, or iced in the summer (this is becoming a real trend!). The carton also comes with a handy recipe for buttercream too.

Where to shop: ASDA, Sainsbury's, TESCO or for a selection of flavours why not try their website?

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