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Life | Ear Piercing

If you've read my blog for a little while you'll probably know I have a grand total of six piercings - three in each year. You'll also probably know that I didn't exactly go about the last four the prim and proper way...

I first had my ears pierces in the summer when I was 9. I had to beg and beg and beg my Mum to let me and I remember going into the little piercing boutique in out town. They drew some little dots on my ears in pen, let me check them in the mirror and then pierced through both with the guns at the same time. It really wasn't all that painful and stung for about half an hour. I remember admiring them in the car ride home.

And that was is, for ten years I was satisfied with my two little holes and didn't quite fancy any more. I think this was helped by the fact my school outright refused anymore than two, so I'd hardly have been able to wear any anyway. And then I went to university and Pretty Little Liars happened. I remember staring at Ashley Benson's (aka Hannah Merim's) ears for a good three seasons before finally deciding that I wanted two more.

It was the day before the End of Year Ball in my first year and my friends and I and decided to go into town and grab a few supplies. I had failed to bring any sort of presentable handbag back to university with me, so we were on a little bit of a mission when I decided that I might as well get my ears pierced again as I had been harping on about it for the past few months or so. When one of my friends was late leaving home we literally got to the place as the shutters were being drawn. Bummer.

That's when I decided (very maturely) that anything they could do I could probably do too. I'd already done a bunch of research online when I was thinking about getting them done and knew exactly how to do it. An hour later I was sat in my room with some frozen vegetables, a bar of soap and a thoroughly sterilised needle. Oh and some bewildered flatmates. Et voila - Charley's Boutique. To the astonishment of my peers it took less than ten minutes to slip in a pair of spare silver studs. There was no pain, no blood and I went to the bar after to have a drink.

Let's skip forward a month - July 2012. One more needle and one very long hour of pushing through cartilage for my third holes. It hurt like hell. So I very wisely decided to pierce the other one the next night instead. Let's skip forward another month - August 2013:

Me: Check this out.
Mum: OH MY GOD YOU DIDN'T DO IT AGAIN. You told me you'd stop after the last time!
Me: Yeah, well, I might have lied about the last time...
Mum: ...
Me: No more, I promise!
Mum: That's what you said - the last time.
Me: ...

Ultimately I;m glad I did it. By some miracle I pierced everything evenly and came out infection free and although it seems spur of the moment I had done a lot of research online and contemplated the piercings for months prior. nearly a year later and I still love them. Now to sound like my Mother...

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending you do this EVER. It's very dangerous and could lead to all sorts of infections if you don't use a sterilised needle (in short, your ear could fall off) so please don't do it! And I cannot tell you how painful the last two were, imagine pushing a pin into your skin for two hours - sans blissful frozen numbness. This is not a how to. If you want you ear's pierced go to a salon!

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