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Fashion | LaRedoute Biker-Style Dual Fabric Trousers

I've had these beauties for a white now, they're warm, they're effortless and they're incredibly fashionable - especially as the spring air still has a bit of a bite to it.

When LaRedoute offered me the opportunity to pick something from their new range a couple of months ago I jumped at the chance and decided I'd choose something a little out of my fashion comfort zone - not quite out there but something that just pushed the boundaries of my normal skirts/jeans routine - and these Biker-Style Dual Fabric Trousers with Zipped Pockets* were just the ticket!

They're are dual fibre - faux leather and jersey down the inside of the leg - which has a really nice vertical slimming effect if caught at the right angle. The jersey material also adds a little comfort and makes them a lot more wearable as it lets a little of the heat out (believe me when I say these babies are toasty - perfect for those colder days!). The detailed ridges on the knee the add to the grunge/biker effect without you having to rock some heavy metal hardware.

The're extremely versatile and can paired them with so many outfits - girls and grunge - they look equally as great with a floaty chiffon shirt tucked into the high waistband or a grunge band tee.

What would you pair them with?

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