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Blogging | Wonderful Things

This box  was one of the first things to ever feature on my blog - I bought it battered and broken from a car boot sale and it still sits on my bedside table almost a year later and thinking about it has made me think of all those wonderful things I've achieved through blogging this year. And I'm sorry if I forget a few - because it has been one heck of a wonderful year.

I remember the first "PR sample" I ever got was some dainty pale pink hand painted nails from a small etsy shop. I hadn't been blogging very long at all - maybe about a month - so this was a really big deal for me. The lady was wonderful and friendly and it really helped boost my confidence that I could actually do this blogging business. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with several small shops and businesses - reviewing their work after hours of fawning over their instagram feeds and even giving some advice! It's so different from working with bigger brands - it's a lot more satisfying in a way as you know you're talking directly to the designer or the shop owner and this is their life.

Saying that, I am blown away by the opportunities I have had working with brands like Bon Marche, La Redoute, UNiDAYS and even becoming an Ambassador for Meadowhall. These things are huge when you think about it, they have millions - billions - of clients even and to be even a small part of that is incredibly mind-blowing. And without blogging I'd have never gotten the chance to do any of them.

Nor would I have gotten the chance to meet other bloggers through various meet ups, events and Twitter chats - there is not a single one I have spoken to who is not lovely to the core and we have made lasting friendships. We have such a great community here on Blogger, Wordpress, Bloglovin', Twitter... let's never forget it.

But by far, one of the best things I've done as a blogger is to influence those around me to start up their own blogs and inspire others. So today, if you have a second, instead of commenting below go check out these wonderful people: Daily Blush, Ha-Pea-Days, Simply Redhead and go give them some lovely comments!

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