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Beauty | Makeup Storage

I recently updated my make-up storage and whilst not technically new - I've had one of these cabinets for about 3 years now - I thought I would show you my storage solutions by intrusively photographing each messy drawer.

I'd like to say that It's no where near as specific or neat as I'd like it. I'd love nothing more than to buy another and separate my bronzers from my blush, my eyeliner from my mascara and my base makeup. But for now, with half of my collection housed (the rest is a million trillion miles away at university) I'm appeased for the meantime but probably won't be in a matter of months when I bring the rest of my collection home and inevitably buy up another drugstore. So without further ado here are my drawers from top to bottom...

#1 Neutral Palettes & Spare Singles

#2 Colourful Palettes

#3 Single Eyeshadows

#4 Mascaras & Eyeliners

#5 Base Makeup (Foundation, Concealer etc.)

#6 Bronzers, Blushes, Powder & Highlighter

#7 Lipsticks

#8 Lipglosses

I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection, even if half it is hidden beneath/missing! If you want me to do any other makeup collection posts - maybe a  in-depth look into each drawer? - then let me know in the comments below!

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