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Accessories | Jewellery Storage

Jewellery is just too beautiful to be hidden away in a box somewhere. That's why I have quite a collection of racks, holders and chests in my bedroom that showcase my collection. A huge bonus of this is that it saves on home decor whilst making it a lot easier to locate certain pieces and keeps it less tangled.I also find I don't get stuck in a rut wearing the same old thing day in, day out.

I purchased this particular White Heart Jewellery Stand from Tesco earlier on this year, for  bargain price of £5. It holds quite a fair amount of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets so it the perfect place to store your everyday jewellery.

Here's a sneek peek of my jewellery collection and what I've been wearing recently...

Rose Gold Watch - Primark
Selection of Midi Rings - Primark
Pink & Gold Wire Wrap Ring - Vintage Charity Shop
Gemstone Flower Ring - Primark
Leaf Coil Ring - Primark

As you can see, I'm a massive fan of Primark jewellery as well as small online boutiques.

Where are you favorite places to shop?

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