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Stop the Spending | How to Budget

This year I am really trying to watch my spending after splurging on so many things in the run up to Christmas - I find there is no better enabler than the blogging community when it comes to shopping! I have tried going cold turkey and didn't even make it through the week - so here are my top tips on how to stop your spending without totally melting down.

Devise a Weekly Budget
Be realistic with what you think you'll spend, this does not mean starving yourself or depriving yourself of anything. It just means be realistic. For me, my weekly budget is set by my wages and is a good £20 over what I would normally spend on food, cups of coffee etc. in a week. That way if I want to go shopping or save my money I always get a treat out of it at the end of my week whether the money goes straight into my savings or towards that new clutch bag that is just perfect for that dress, and those shoes...

Stick to it
There's no use having a weekly budget if you're not going to stick to it. But...

Have a Few Exceptions
In my weekly budget I excuse larger purchases like my Railcard, justifying that they should be spread across the year and I understand that when I'm away for the weekend that I'm a thousand time more likely to blow a lot of my money in the local takeaways. But for the most part, when it comes to budgeting I'm talking about a regular old week.

Treat Yourself
Otherwise you'll have no incentive to continue. Now, this does not mean purchasing a new Zara handbag every time you manage to come in under budget. Think more along the lines of going to grab a Starbucks or that lipstick you've been loving. And, if you still want that Zara bag you could always save whatever you don't spend.

I'd love to hear your stop the spending tips below!


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