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Review | MOA: The Green Balm

I would have loved to receive skincare as a gift during my teens right now. But it's all a little bit of a touchy subject isn't it? So what if your best friend spends all her time moaning about that humungous zit that's about to ruin her date with what's-his-face - it's still not okay to turn up to her next birthday with hamper of Clearasil.

That's what I love about MOA's Daily Cleansing Ritual* featuring The Green Balm* - it is not only gift worthy - it's pamper worthy and comes in some of the cutest packaging I have seen to date (that's great for storing cotton wool pads in afterwards!). Whether buying for yourself or for another, this little pot of goodness makes the perfect gift or sleepover treat. And here's why: according to their website it is practically a miracle productCold sores, eczema, acne, dry skin, itchy skin - poof, all things of the past. And you tell me it can be use after shaving too? My first thoughts are simply: where have you been all my life?

The Daily Cleansing Ritual* RRPs at £14.99 and for price you get a super soft bamboo face cloth and a 50ml Tub of the Green Balm. Admittedly 50ml doesn't sounds like a whole lot, but you really don't need a lot but and can always purchase the Mini MOA (15ml) for £4.99 or the 50ml for £9.99 (and make sure to check out their website for free P&P over £5!).

Now, I'm no skincare expert but reading the ingredient list I can see my beloved Tea Tree and some yummy Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil. So I could not wait to see what my skin made of this little beauty...

I mainly use this as a hot cloth cleanser though it has a multitude of other uses including as an overnight blemish treatment. I use this either at night to refresh and cleanse my skin or in the morning for a fresh faced look after I have wiped off any excess makeup using my L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution. Next I apply generously all over my face, watching the balm melt to oil in my hands and wring out the beautifully soft bamboo cloth under the hot facet.

Cue a minute of relaxation until the cloth goes cold as I feel the gunk being drawn out of my skin. Finally (and this is probably my favourite part) I get to use the super-soft side of the cloth to rinse away the balm  using cold water.

Afterwards my skin feels amazingly soft - even in the morning! - and my makeup applies ten times better! I'd highly recommend this product for anyone wanting a little it of pamper time!


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