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DIY | Quartz Pendant

In total this DIY takes less than five minutes and cost me a grand total of £1.50 for the quartz. It's such a bargain price for something so beautiful!


A quartz crystal in soul mate formation
(Meaning that there are essentially two crystals attached to the same 'body' - it's by far easiest to secure with wire)

Silver/gold paint or nail polish
(I used Kate Spade New York does Nails Inc. in the shade Soho Silver)

1.0mm silver wire
(You can use thinner for a more delicate look, just make sure it's secure!)


An old necklace chain


1. Don't cut your wire, just work straight from the roll, this way you won't run out of it. Start by wrapping vertically between the crystals a few times, or until you feel as if it's secure.

2. On your last wind, wrap the wire around the wire already covering 'top section' - the bit you want the chain to attach to. When you reach the mid point loop the wire together and twist with pliers until you have your hole to put your necklace through. Then, continue the wrapping until you've completed the top section.

3. Now begin your horizontal winds around the crystal - these are more decorative than secure, so feel free to add as many or as few as you like. Cut the wire and tuck it beneath an intersecting section, twisting it with pliers to ensure you don't get any nasty pokes.

4. Next, take your nail polish and use it to paint the section covered by the wire. it gives a great dip-dye effect and is so much easier to do once you have applied the wire, rather than before!

5. Wear as the ultimate statement piece!

What do you guys think? Are you going to be making one of these? Make sure to tweet me your pictures or tag me over on instagram @charleylucy.


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