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Coffee Chat: Life as it is Now

It feels like it has been such a long time since I have had chance to sit down and talk to you guys. Or, actually anyone. I called my best friend last night for the first time in months - that's right, PLURAL - and now I'm not quite sure how I even coped without her in the first place.

Oh, right, I have been so freaking busy. Last week saw the rise of the 14 hour day, and as much as I love to complain about two minute mac and cheese meals and quick changes before running out the door again, I do love my life and wouldn't have it any other way. It's like I have finally found a legitimate reason for planning my entire life out on Google Calendar and that is, there is just so much of it that I'd simply forget to do any of it if I didn't. How've you all been?

February saw the continuation of my green/fruit tea obsession (that's right, caffeine free), which is great for my body I'm sure, but boy was I tired. At the start of the month I was napping literally every day for hours on end, just so that I could have enough energy wake up and write notes or cook tea. It was bizarre and really debilitating. It's something I haven't done since I had glandular fever in my first year of university.

That said I have been a bit of a busy bee with - attempting - a Youtube channel, and more regular blog posts. I think I have managed pretty much every other day on the blog for a few weeks now and I am really proud of myself (the same however, cannot be said for Youtube!) You all certainly seem to be enjoying it anyway with my new OOTD and FOTD blogs I feel like I am finally showcasing, well, ME on here and it's a little scary and a little self-conscious but my blog finally feels like it's mine. Plus I'm all blogged up for the next two weeks which is an incredible bonus as my life is about to be turned upside down during Meet Season.

In a little lucky twist of fate I have not one but TWO meets coming up in the next two weeks. One of which I am organising myself and I can't even begin to tell you what a lucky pup I feel and just how much of my floor space has been taken up by goody-filled cardboard boxes. It's INSANE that brands are even considering some random girl's little internet blog to be worth a read, let alone donating tons of samples to said girl's hair-brained schemes.

So what do I want from March? Well with all this going on I really just want some time to sit back, relax and drink my Salted Caramel Tea. But we all know that's not going to happen any time soon. So, more realistically I want more 'me' time, more gym time, not to fall asleep after the 5am start for next week's meet, a killer meet of my own, to cook more and to have a nice quiet and simple life. Yeah, right.


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