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Coffee Chat | 10/03/14 - 16/03/14

I've decided to attempt this weekly summaries business (usually on a Sunday) because I'm far too busy with the mundane to daily vlog for you all. So what was I up to last week? Last week was a crazy emotional roller coaster - actually, if I plotted a graph for you it would highly resemble a roller coaster!

On Monday I met with my (hopeful) third year project supervisor and explained my quite frankly wacko blog/twitter-related idea. I was pretty prepared to be laughed at but it went amazingly well and it turns out we have quite a few interests in common! So fingers crossed everybody. I also ordered a bunch of philosophical/psychology related books on Amazon because I am determined to find some time to read something this semester.

On Tuesday I sat on the seventh floor of the library in the beautiful sunshine taking in the view and discussing life and my fears about publishing Wednesday's post all about bullying.

On Wednesday my wonderful new travel cafetiere arrived meaning that I could finally tuck into my Mint Chocolate Cupcake Coffee. Let's just say I made the first cup a little too watery but it still managed to leave me jittering at my desk all afternoon!

On Thursday I attending the Meadow Hall Bloggers Breakfast where they told us about some wonderful opportunities they had in mind over salmon, scrambled eggs and prosecco. Probably the most elegant breakfast menu I have ever seen and also the earliest I have woken up in a looong time - 5am! This day also takes the crown for the most-time-spent-on-public-transport-in-one-day with a whooping 14:30-20:00 spent getting home! Needless to say I was ready for bed and a luxurious application of my Lush face mask that we had made earlier that day. On the downside the abuse from my bullying blog post became a little too much and I decided to take a social media vacation for a few days. It really helped clear my head and make me realise what's important instead of focusing on what isn't.

Photo by B. - not even the worst of it!

On Friday the 'Tower of Meet' - grew by a good 4ft. Yes there are so many wonderful parcels I have been sent for my #HullBloggerMeet on Saturday it's actually nameworthy now! I also cried reading my tweets before I left for work - you guys were so supportive and sweet I just couldn't believe it. I felt a million times better and hosted the #sbloggers chat in the evening and organised the next few too.

On Saturday I spent the day playing video games with my boyfriend and fell in love with Rando. It's this great little app that allows you send and receive random photos all over the world. My favorite one I have received is this huge sweetie haul I received from South Korea and a few more mundane shots from Dundee.

On Sunday a couple of scheduled blog posts went up so I decided to give up my Twitter vacation in time for #bbloggers (let's be honest - that wasn't ever going to work out great was it?) and was blown away by some of the wonderful messages I'd received whilst I was away.

I also decided to attempt blogging (or vlogging!) every day this week - so we shall see how that goes...

How was you week?


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