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Accessories | Pandora Bracelet

know this title sounds a little braggy, but I am nothing but grateful for my wonderful red leather bracelet that was gifted to my by my flatmates for my birthday last year. When it began, the Pandora trend was something I just couldn't get into - who in their right mind knowingly set out on an expensive thirty-pound-a-pop collection contest? Well, apparently me for one...

It was the month before my 19th birthday and I'd just been whisked away into university housing and was pretty sure I was going to end up friendless and alone on Skype to whoever would have me. Instead I had my best friend over, visiting all the way from Germany and my new found housemates to keep me company with our teeny tiny flat-bound party.

Thankfully by this point I had already opened my present. We did it the way all impatient teens should, and opened them 00:00am on their official birthday. I remember because we all sat around and counted down. It was a beautiful moment, sat around with all these people that, less than 30 days prior had all been strangers to me. The Pandora bag was rather conspicuous to say the least, but I was still amazingly surprised to find a beautiful red leather bracelet (two guesses what my favourite colour is!) and a gorgeous little Owl charm that I had been admiring.

A couple of days later after an insane amount of time browsing the catalogues in my room, I purchased the Pumpkin and Ghost charms. With my birthday being so close to Halloween I have always loved the holiday and it's always been celebrated with fancy dress parties, festively themes food and countless Trick o' Treat parties whilst I was growing up. In fact, in my family it used to be a running joke - I was over a month premature, just to squeeze in one more Halloween. These two were just too cute to say no to, so after debating for an age I ended up walking away from the store with the both of them. Enabling at it's best.

Then my 20th birthday I was lucky enough to be given the Camera charm, once again by my beautiful friends and flatmates. They knew I wanted it and made me promise to not buy absolutely anything until my birthday was over. *Hint hint*. I have always been a budding photographer and remember begging my Dad to use his brand new bridge back in 2005. From there my love of cameras grew and grew and I think I've actually collected more than I can count - and with blogging that only increased!


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