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Vinyl for Valentine's

Most couple have a song right? That one song that epitomises the relationship, the highs, the lows, the struggles. Or one that was playing at the restaurant where you had your first date or that the moment you had your first kiss. Personally, I don't. Unless you count my continually-creepy rendition of The Chordette's Mr Sandman ever since I educated the boyfriend by making him sit through the Back to the Future. To this day it freaks him out.

Anywho, I believe that regardless of my slightly questionable singing, that these beautifully quirky clocks* sold by Vinyl Clocks are the perfect gift for all occasions (hint, hint Valentine's day). And here's why: think of a song, any song - that happy song your sung your heart out to in the back of your best friend's car, or that one song that remind you of your last few moments as a teenager or your last few moments at secondary school. A song has the power to evoke powerful emotions or remind you of times gone by. I love the idea that when you give one of these you're giving a piece of history - a moment you spent together and a moment they will be reminded of every time they see your clock.

The best part is the lovely people at Vinyl Clocks can do this to virtually any record - all you have to do is ask! The clocks come in a range of sizes 7-12 inches, with a huge variety of albums and singles from the 1950s up until this decade. So whether you've been together two or forty years, this is one gift that won't be soon forgotten.

The pizza-style packaging is definitely a quirk, stuffed with foam and wrapped up in pink tissue paper it keeps your clock secure and stylish. There's no need for gift wrapping or batteries as one comes included, always a plus. I was told when opening my clock* to imagine discovering a mysterious box in the post box on Valentine's day. It has to be one of the most exciting pieces of post I've waited for as I just couldn't wait to discover my record, which turned out to be The Pretenders, Message of Love (1981) as chosen by the lovely Tim, in case you were curious.

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