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At first I believed it was a harmless bit of fun (if a little crude) that quickly turned sour when people started ruining their livers, throwing up, and some have even died. I was completely against this vulgar trend for all that is stood for : peer-pressure, alcoholism and just bullying in general. But now, here's why I can't wait to be nominated.

If you've been living under a rock and don't know what a #NekNomination is, all you have to do is Google it to see the ridiculous drinking antics of the masses: from helicopters to Harry Potter, everyone sets out to better their peers by drinking more, harder and faster. Well, almost everyone.

I was sent this video about one man's #NekNomination and how he had given some food and a drink of coke to a man less fortunate than himself and it really got me thinking - what could I do to better the life of others and turn a stupid trend into something rather beautiful? That's when I started researching charities that give clean water to those less fortunate than ourselves - after all they probably need a pint of water more than I ever will. That's when I found Water Aid and discovered that a regular donation just £10 will provide a well - that's right a whole well of clean waters. Ten pounds. Most of us would spent that on a lipstick, on a nail polish, on a top without even batting an eyelid. It really shows that £10 has rather more value than we believe.

So in short, that's what I'll be doing if I get a #NekNomination, donating a small portion of my wages so that a village somewhere will have a well that reaches water well below the ground and so that they may have a thousand pints on me.

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