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Fashion Dupes: New Look Lace Up Boots


New Look Lace Up Boots (Size 5, £24.99)

These are the latest edition to my grunge-style wardrobe and a great little steal, I thoroughly adore them. They're a great fashion dupe for Frye's lace up boots that retail for just over £200 and keep a special place in my wardrobe between the clunky combats and Doc Martin imitations. These lace ups provide the perfect pinch of grunge when it comes to an outfit and  yet can be worn with some distressed shorts or a floral dress for a true bring back the nineties vibe.

When it comes to bring back trends from the past the key is to accentuate in small doses to refrain from looking like a Fresh Prince reject. Think dungarees or metallics or checked shirts, never attempt to mix all three. Unless you're Lady Gaga, in which chase always mix all three.

They're are exceptionally comfy too on my worn-out, half-size, extra-narrow feet - and they look great once they're a little scruffy. Who actually keeps their everyday shoes clean nowadays anyway? And are still available in stores, though I'm afraid couldn't find them online and believe me I've searched!

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