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Blog Reaction | Telling My Friends and Family

I know a lot of people struggle telling their friends and families about their blogs - and you shouldn't have to feel like you should, it's entirely your choice. However for those of you who are a little on the fence, I thought I'd share my experience and what everyone thinks of me posting about my life on the internet.

I'd been blogging for about 3 weeks when I first added my blog to my Twitter description in the summer of 2013. It was at a  point where I felt confident in what I posted, even if I was still a little shaky starting out. Within a week one of my friends had found it and showed it to my male flatmates (who, to this day I'm pretty sure had a good ol' giggle but later told me they thought was a really "brave" thing to have started). After that I didn't really care who found out.

A couple of months later when I came back to University most people thought it was an awesome thing to have and the ones who didn't at least had the decency to not mention anything. I think it all changed for them when I started receiving PR sample through the post, my blog went from this silly hobby to something that was really cool in their eyes. In fact eight or nine of my friend have now started up blogs themselves - I really think all they wanted was a bit of a test dummy!

Telling my parents was still a little odd as they come from a generation where blogs simply did not exist. To this day I don't think either of them have seen it, they don't even have Facebook!

When everything was going well, it was at this point went through a period in which I was concerned that my blog was showcasing a tiny sliver of my life. I didn't want to come across as this vapid and shallow girl who only cared about what shade of lipstick she wore, I was really self conscious about what people who knew me would think and so I blogged less and less. Up until this point my blog had been intended for random internet strangers, not people I was bound to bump into on campus. It took me months to get my blog to where I wanted it to be, the right mix of the lighthearted beauty and fashion and some more lifestyle-based posts where I could showcase my writing and get to talk about how I really felt.

It was then that I made the decision that the Facebook page I has set up during August needed resurrecting, and I began to invite old school friends and family members alike. I was ready to announce - hi, I'm here and this is what I do now! Eight months later the shine has worn off somewhat in the eyes of my friends and family, I get a lot of post and I occasionally need some quiet time to film for my new - and still slightly shaky - Youtube channel. But mostly, now it's just something I do and part of who I am.

I really hope this helps someone out there who's struggling about whether to tell their friends about their blog and believe me you're not alone! My number one piece of advice to you would be that as long as you like what you're doing and have confidence in doing it then it really shouldn't matter about what anyone else thinks. You are always going to get people who try and uproot you and try and knock what you're doing but in the end they're not the ones being as brave as you by starting out in a little corner of the web saying hi, I'm here and this is what I have to say.


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