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Twelve Things I have Learnt at University

1. A degree is not the be all and end all.
True and a little sad considering I'm paying £9,000 per year for the privilege.

2. You can cope by yourself, remarkably well.
Regardless of what anyone thinks.

3. Sometimes the things you do alone can be more rewarding than the things you do together.
I want to have adventures by myself as well as with my friends, blogging is one of them.

4. You are not always going to get along with everyone you meet.
And that's just the way life is going to be.

5. Be a gamer, be a bookworm, be a photographer, be a blogger. Just don't be boring.
Your interests are multi-faceted.

6. Money is there to spend, not to cherish.
To an extent I am sure, but what's the point of hogging it all?

7. People are not going to always listen to you.
And that's fine, let them be them.

8. The words "long-distance-relationship" do not mean a death-sentence.
You should know.

9. There is sometimes nothing better than a good book and a cup of tea.
Just because.

10. Not drinking is okay.
Who wants a pickled liver anyway?

11. Don't be a sheep.
Sheep get eaten.
Okay so this one was technically in nursery but I feel as though it applies.

12. Be yourself and great things will happen.
By the sheer fact you are reading my ramblings, this is true.

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